After four (4) days without electricity, yesterday the air conditioning unit broke. I purposely chose to focus my attention on our soldiers who endure extreme heat while defending our country. I’m blessed for the men & women of our Armed Forces for their unselfish service. I’m blessed for our utility workers who have been working for 7 days straight in high temperatures and long days to restore power to customers while sacrificing time with their families.

I am so blessed for a husband who came home to check on me today, I’m thankful for a 2:30 am text from my daughter knowing that she is ok and home safe, I’m so blessed to know that my sweet grandson is coming tomorrow for an unexpected visit. I’m excited that my best friend finished a book that she has been working on for years and asked me to edit it for her.

I’m thankful for a 20yr marriage to the same man. It “ain’t” always been easy but God’s faithfullness has ALWAYS been present!

By: Debbie Weasenforth

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