Blessed in the Mess

My husband was laid off due to company downsizing on November 15, 2010. We were both in shock. We’re both 61 and finding a comparable paying job seems overwhelming. But God!

The company paid his salary and medical benefits from November 15 until January 14. Then the money began drying up and we got down to under $150 left to our names. A dear saint unexpectedly sent us a check for $500. The barber gifted my husband with free haircuts until he finds a new job. Our family doctor gave us enough sample prescription medications we need to last us almost five months and refused to take any fee for our office visit. I got the taxes done early and we got sizable refunds from both the Federal and State in less than ten days of filing electronically. I landed a job designing a website for a writing friend who paid promptly. Someone gave us gift cards to two different restaurants we love, one for $100 and the other for $25. Rebate checks I had forgotten about arrived. Blessings were pouring out of heaven and piling up around our feet!

My husband had applied at numerous places with no feedback. Then about ten days ago he got a call from a hospital in Houston. He is at the interview as I write this and we have faith that even if this isn’t the job God has for him, there will be one soon. We are not behind on one single bill or our mortgage and it is all due to God’s loving provision.

Finally, the best for last. Our beautiful and healthy granddaughter, Olivia Hope, was born on December 27 to our daughter (age 41) and her husband who live in Minnesota. This is their first birth baby and 4th child (they adopted 3 siblings in Nov. 2006). After several miscarriages, Olivia is a huge blessing. Our daughter gets to bring Olivia down to visit us for my birthday in March and I can’t wait to hold her! God is good, all the time and gets better with every passing day. We are secure in His Everlasting Arms!
By: JoAnn R. Wray

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