Always be joyful. Pray continually…and give thanks whatever happens. This is what God wants for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thess. 5:16

is it possible to be more blessed
     and if it is
         am I not saying
            I am not satisfied
                with Jesus?
    for how could I be more blessed…
  it is impossible…
for being blessed has nothing to do with
                broken families
                     broken hearts
                what I do
            what I do not do
       whether my books ever become real
(for He has told me He will scatter my                             words)
         would having my family united
             make me more blessed?
 would having unity restored
         make me more thankful?
   of course I would be thankful…
            but more thankful?
    I think not…
            if all my children were to return to
                 Jesus, their first love,
     would my joy and gratitude
   I think not…
        for although I would be truly 
                        joy filled
     if I were to say I would be 
more so
 than am I not saying I am not content with today?
            the paradox that lies within
                    is this…
        I would be overwhelmed with gratitude
           if some circumstances were to change…
                       yet I would be no more
             than I am today
             in this very moment
             in this very room
             with everything exactly as it is
                  or with even less
    even if my children
          were to stray further
                before they come HOME
        my heart would ache (and often does)
         yet my peace ~ my joy ~ my ability to say
                 and mean thank you to Jesus
              with all that I am
               would be 
          no more
       no less
   because Jesus is enough
Hi Ann…I want you to know that reading 1000 Gifts changed my life. My story is long and a little complicated and a lot messy 🙂 In one sentence, Jesus took a scared, skinny woman who had been fighting a losing battle with anorexia and depression for 15 years and radically changed her forever with His intimate love. Okay, maybe 2 sentences. 🙂 A Christian my whole life (pastor’s daughter), married at 19, 4 beautiful kids (29, 27, 25 and 18), 4 beautiful grandkids, divorced at age 41 after 22 years of marriage, he then passed away 3 years later at age 48 of a massive stroke. My 3 older kids have been running (well, maybe ignoring) Jesus since his death on June 12, 2007. 2 of them are not speaking due to very messy situation. But MY GOD IS BIGGER THAN ANY MESS WE CAN MAKE!! Oops. Too many sentences. 🙂 Thank you for your obedience to Abba by sharing your story with all of us.
Blessings on you!
Julie Geertsma

By: Julie Geertsma

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