Bitterness & Healed Relationships

     I’m so thankful to God for the lessons of healing from unforgiveness. I have generational abuse in my family. My dad and my two uncles were physically, verbally, and emotionally abused by their father and it carried down into my relationship with my Dad.

     Though my Dad never physically abused me, his voice verbally and emotionally abused me during my teenage and young adult years. I became unwilling to forgive him for many years because I felt that I had a right to my anger and hatred towards him. However, I was being led on a journey by my Abba (father in heaven) towards a greater understanding of the father heart of God.

     I ran from God for seven and one half years and fought with God for twelve and one half years until I became so desperate to trust God and my blood father that I surrendered and started trusting God and a few close friends with my emotional pain and my sexual addiction. I spent two years in relationship with a few men that God gave me to trust for my healing. From Spring of 1988 until Fall of 2009, I walked through this amazing journey.

     In September 2009, God finally gave me the courage to go to my blood father and ask his forgiveness for my bitterness, my anger, and my judging hatred towards him. Between September 2009 and the present, God has turned my heart back to my blood father and his to me in such an amazing way that he is willing to invest, not only his heart, but also his time and his money in me in a way that I never ever expected him to in my anger.

     I’m so grateful to God for my blood father’s faith in God and his amazing love and belief in me as his son. Giving thanks in community for all of God’s grace dwelling on me and in me even throughout all of the years of hard eucharisteo.

By: Daniel Farrow

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