Being a Mama

I have a 16 month old son, Isaac.  He is my first child.  Lately, at night, he’s been waking up for no reason.  Crying and wanting to be held, I’m pretty sure he just wants me.  I’ve been grumbling all the way to the nursery, and then picking him up and half heartedly telling him “it’s ok, it’s ok, shhh.”  All the while wishing I could just go back to sleep!


I finished the book One Thousand Gifts last night, and I’m trying hard to have an attitude of thanksgiving in all things.  So last night when Isaac started crying, I thanked God.  I thanked him for allowing me to have a son.  I thanked him for my ears to hear my son.  I thanked him for my legs to move to him, for my arms to pick him up, for my voice to soothe him.  I thanked God for being needed, and wanted.  And whattya know, Isaac fussed for a few minutes and went back to sleep before I got to him.  Of course, I thanked God for that too!  


I’m learning to see things for what they are.  Packages of grace. Thanks Ann!

By: Wren

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