Beginning my list of thankful thoughts…

1. I don’t know how to Twitter or Facebook so I’m thankful for this page that makes it so easy!

2. Thank You God for the bubbly, silly, heart warming enthusiasm of my two granddaughters and that I had the privelege of spending two weeks with them.

3. Thank You God for Mom who lives with me joyfully, tenderly, and lovingly, even though legally blind, crippled with arthritis, dependant on a pacemaker, and suffering with a multitude of ailments and a worn out body… and that her love for me and everyone around her never wears out.

4. Thank You God for my greatest of earthly gifts – my husband, and for the 39 blessed years you have granted us.

5. Thank You God for the desert where I live, for a lovely view of the mountains, for the coyotes that howl at night and the quail that cluck and chirp and flutter outside my window early in the morning. It’s harder to thank You for the woodpeckers that drill holes in my siding, or those pesky packrats, but I’m working on it.

6. Thank You that Dad has not needed to start dialysis yet.

7. Thank You that in Mom’s many falls she’s never broken a bone.

8. Thank You for allowing me to discover the where-abouts of my old fountain pen and renew the joy in journaling with real ink.

9.Thank You for the treat in “meeting” the giant octopus – and I really think she waved at me from behind the glass.

10. Thank You for 100 piece puzzles of kittens that little girls can quickly and easily assemble before supper on the kitchen table.

11. Thank You for hot showers and clean water (that wasn’t always available in Mexico), and for not having to boil water or use bottled when it’s time to brush my teeth.

12. Thank You for church services in my heart language.

13. Thank You for Your great love for me, for Your mercy new every morning, Your forgiveness, Your Presence, Your guidance, Your blessings. Thank You for wanting me and never giving up on me.



By: Carol

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