Beautiful Little Gifts

  1. The warm touch of my husbands hands
  2. The laughter of my children
  3. soft… tight… hugs
  4. warm… bright… sun
  5. music..
  6. my work desk
  7. beautiful Christian friends
  8. Dependable Family
  9. to hear… simply to hear
  10. Calvary! Thank you
  11. Little curls bouncing
  12. sweet little heart
  13. Compassion from my child
  14. Favor… sweet favor
  15. my bible.. used and worn
  16. Sanity… mostly
  17. Love, in my home
  18. Warm jackets
  19. Long sleeve shirts
  20. A/C & Heat in my home
  21. My sewing machine… dependable
  22. My car… it runs
  23. gas for that car
  24. pinterest… organization!
  25. the alarm to wake in the a.m.
  26. hair brushes in beautiful hair
  27. my washing machine washing
  28. dish washer humming
  29. school buses
  30. mail system…
  31. The ability to read
  32. America
  33. abundant food supply
  34. the constance of my Lord
  35. Never ending supply of Grace
  36. wrist watches
  37. cell phones… at times
  38. my beautiful, old, wooden floors
  39. a roof over our heads
  40. Imaginations of little ones… and me
  41. The light flick on the door knob
  42. the shadow cast on the ceiling 
  43. quiet mornings, just the two of us
  44. Saturday morning coffee
  45. hazelnut for my coffee
  46. hot chocolate in the morning… with marshmallow
  47. Kiwi… and her personality (quaker parrot)
  48. those not afraid to share the word
  49. left over chocolate drops being called “Squishy Things”
  50. The silly face dances of my little one
  51. Scratching willing backs
  52. Eager hugs & kisses
  53. Deep laughter with family
  54. cocoon snuggly warm ones sleeping
  55. warm little body next to me on the couch
  56. rambles of conversations with a four year old.
  57. The love of my husband
  58. warm ideas….
  59. freshly washed blue jeans
  60. out of the dryer bed sheets
  61. cold little hands from screw driver ice creams
  62. love of a family, full of hurt & laughter alike
  63. yellow flowers dancing in green ditch
  64. whispy white clouds against blue sky
  65. strong, warm hugs
  66. scruffy beard against my cheek
  67. pure seduction lotion… ahh the scent
  68. the joy of sharing a gift of one thousand gifts
  69. words of a prophet
  70. small hands holding tiny snails
  71. little head looking from behind steps
  72. pringle smiles
  73. chocolate fingers
  74. red & white checkered tablecloth
  75. beautiful brown farm rows
  76. magnificent fields of muted gold
  77. the smell of barbecue on the pit
  78. good conversation with friends
  79. hot fudge sundays with nuts
  80. vanilla dishes & smiling faces
  81. the beautiful sky, canvas of god, painted with golds and pinks
  82. The morning sky… just as beautiful as the evening one

By: Angel

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