Bad start

The phone rang at 7:00 am waking me from a sound sleep.  A co-worker informs me I am late, and I am unaware that I am suppose to be at work! A look at the calendar confirms my oversight and I hurriedly dress for work.  Then as I am speeding down the highway attempting to not be any later than I already am I run off the road nearly losing control of the Excursion I drive (a tank going 70 in the grass is a scary sight!).  Now I must seek forgiveness not only for being late but for the words that just came out of my mouth.

Thanksgiving slow time comes to mind as I pull into the parking lot.  Maybe my brain is waking up.  Will it turn the clock back and help me rearrange my day that was all planned out and really packed with a to do list and work was no where on it?

I confess my oversight to my supervisor and begged forgiveness.  She laughed and said it happens to everyone.  But, I still feel bad about my initial response.  Sighed deeply.  Spoke a prayer to God silently.  Began again.

Now, I wonder.  How did the sleeping late fit into God’s perfect plan?  What blessing will I receive this day because I am at work?  Will I get all I need to do done????  Since God IS in control, why was this start good?  I may never know.

List my gifts…………yes I will.

*dog went outside to quickly

*I didn’t have a wreck, I just ran off the road

*I was only an hour late

*had a clean uniform

*talked with coworker about raising daughters

*grass is partially cut

*breathing slowed, heart not pounding, spirit quiet

*A book that taught me that thanksgiving slows time!!!  Bless Ann!

By: Yvonne

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