Anxiety Producing “Event”

A week ago Monday, I underwent surgery for my shoulder.  I think we would all  agree this was an “anxiety producing “event”. Reading your book Ann, has taken me from a knowledge of God to a relationship.  The night before the surgery, I began to feel an anxiety attack.  I knew for me it was my need to be in control.  Was I truly willing to give God complete control over my life or was I demanding his peace and mercy before the time I needed it, not trusting that He would be there?  God’s holy spirit spoke to me and led me into his arms.  I began to thank Him for everything He brought to mind. Lamenatation 3:20… “But God, I said, I don’t want this to become a parlor trick, and placed my heart into his mighty hands.”  I felt his peace, his mercy, his grace so fully his arms wrapping me tight.  

Thank you LORD!

By: Laurie Mace

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