anns book

I’m thankful for Ann’s book. I started receiving Ann’s blog post via email just before christmas and each day it is a true blessing.  After a long wait for the book to arrive from across the sea I finished it last night, wanting to fly through each chapter but trying to slow myself down to savour the truth in each chapter. I felt like I could connect with some Ann’s experiences and the book really brought a fresh perspective and hope which I really need at the moment.  After finishing the book I  came across a passage in the message translation Matthew 11 v28-30 ‘I’ll teach you how to rest…..learn the unforced rhytyms of grace’ how appropriate!! I really feel like Ann’s wisdom and words have just done that.  Get me to slow down and just look for what I can be thankful about in any situation.  If your reading this Ann (couldnt find an email address to contact you)Many thanks  even miles away in Northern Ireland your thoughtful words and insight are having such an impact x

By: Lisa

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