An Aunt called Grace

I saw her yesterday.  Lying in the nursing home, still and oh so very small, just 80 pounds of skin stretched across bones of her 5″11″ frame.  Cancer eating away life.  Treatments have made her beautifully bald.  Her eyes are clear and bright but her thoughts are having trouble navigating across synapse to verbalize clearly.  She answers yes and no questions but cannot think through the answer to “Do you want anything from home?”. 

Nurses, manicurist, dietary lady, even other residents from across the hall already falling in love with her.  Her name is personified in her.  Grace.  I love her so and to watch her slipping away ever so quietly is wrenching my heart, folding my eyes, and causing me to say “thank you” to the Lord who shared her with me.  How blessed I am to call her my aunt.  She has been a wonderful role model of widowhood, empty nester, and Christian woman.  Hospitality, elegant lady, frugal that she might be generous, well read, hard worker, courageous, strong and loving, and she has learned to trust the master and HAS NO FEAR! 

Heaven will soon be richer and my world will shrink a bit.  Her 80 years of life have blessed many.  She will soon be in the presence of her Lord, and the many family that have gone ahead of her including her husband, mother and father, sisters and brothers.  She will leave many who will miss her and grieve her loss with us here and now: two sons, two granddaughters that call her Nana, and neices and nephews aplenty and one remaining sister.

Todays gifts are summed up in her life.  She is a gift to me from a loving heavenly Father.  I treasure every moment I can spend with her because she is GRACE.  I pray that each one who might read this has a GRACE in your life for if you do, you have found joy.

July 4th’s gifts



freedom to worship and pray

fighting the good fight of the Christian life

food to nourish body and soul and spirit

fireworks in the passions of life

fun in following Jesus all the way home

fellowship with fellow pilgrims

final destination called Heaven, to mansions prepared for us who trust Him

By: Yvonne

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