Almost there……..

960.  the realization that in just a few months I have cataloged many gifts, nearly 1000 gifts!  Living fully, living as God asks.  Giving thanks in all things.  Moving from ingratitude to heart felt, humbled gratitude.

961.  thankful for the transformation in my heart

962.  memories of my father and the father of my sweet, devoted children who lived life full.

963.  birthdays that represent years to serve the Lord and others

964.  time

965.  opportunities

966.  hope for tomorrow, answers to prayers yet to be answered, dreams yet unfulfilled.

967.  Fearless read by warrior son

968.  Heavenly Father who provides, loves, saves, and graciously continues to give gifts whether I count or not.

969.  Sweet Jesus who gave all for me…….gave me mansion in glory

970.  Sweet Holy Spirit to comfort, guide, and intercede.  All is amazing grace. 

By: Yvonne

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