All things

I am thankful for all things.  A few years ago I was taught “to be thankful and joyful in all circumstances”.  Wow.  Really?  ALL circumstances?  Yes.  The good times and the bad times.  A sweet kiss from my four year old, a compliment from my husband, all the good things you could ever think of…..all the way down to my oldest two (who are very competitive) duking it out over something that really doesn’t matter and then my own loss of self control that allows me to go over the edge and be “a fool who vents his anger”.  Yes, the very thing that I teach my children not to do.  Ugh.  The double standard….sigh….I blew it again.  How can I be thankful for this?  He says all things.  This too?  Yes.  Why Lord?  He shows me the opportunity to point out  my own sin, prayer, mercy, grace, forgiveness, restoration, cause and effect…how my actions affected them and how theirs affect others.  Please, Lord, use this to teach them, shape them, and glorify yourself.  I used to worry that my mistakes would scar them forever.  Now I am not anxious, but with prayer and thanksgiving make my requests known to God so His peace can remind me that He is sooooo much bigger than my mistakes.  He has them in His hands.  I can be thankful that He loves them more than I do, and He will never leave them or forsake them.  We are His flock.  I love that.


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