All I have …

Danielle today i say thank you to you. I list you publicly has my number gift to be thankful for. You have taught me what love really means. It’s not about getting or giving but about growing together. I have spent a year in a hazy fog and I didnt think I would survive, but I have. Since the day you died I just wanted to touch you, to be where you are, to hold you just once more and know that you are safe.

God’s grace came silently as if on tip-toe and whilst i shouted at Him how unfair it all was, He wrapped me in His arms and held me close. He sent angels to hold my hands and dry my tears. He sent rainbows when i missed you the most, to reassure me that His promises are sure.

We will one day walk in God’s garden together but for now beautiful angel, sleep peacefully. Love you always and forever.

(Danielle Leah 26 Dec 1987-08 Dec 2009 -road accident)

By: Beverley Smith

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