I stood on the pavement three o clock in the morning and watched everthing I had burn, at ten the next morning the fire was finally out. There was nothing left. I went home, sat down and prayed as very short prayer. “Father I accept, I know that You will look after me. Thank you Lord.” I did not lament or cry out. I accepted that it was His will, thanked Him and put my faith in Him to sort it out according to the plan He had for me.

Today I have a new workshop, ten times the size of the one that burned, overflowing with everything I need. The workshop is free, there are no fees for water or lights, everything is free. I can continue to do what I was called to do, help poor children become computer literate by giving free computers to poor schools. Please visit my website at to see more of what I do.

It is easy to turn total dissater into truimph. If you accept the dissaster, thank the Lord for it and put your trust in him to sort it out. It can not fail for God is infinite and his plan for you is perfect.


By: John Goodrich

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