A truth; in pieces

It comes out in spurts; blocks of clarity … at times they come only for me, at others I get to share it, but each time a renewed sense of Love and wonder of all this World, this Universe – and whatever lies beyond it – has to offer. 


My Truth.  The only thing I have ever wanted to say; and one of many things I have always held inside … deep inside. I am more than grateful for the past several years of tearing up, pushing out, turning inside out. Without this I might never have even begun to slow down – or maybe it may have been too late – to notice. The little things. The warmth of the Sun on a cool Autumn day. The twirling of leaves as they spiral to the ground. The Love that arises each time I see my kids. My family. The rest of Life.


I give thanks that I can begin to appreciate the stillness of nature; the peaceful silence that awaits … and the wonderful gift of the beautiful energy that accompanies this site; Thankyou

By: Kat

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