A tomato in the winter

This is my first gift and may require explaining to fully understand what a gift it is.  My husband of 36 years recently went to heaven to be with Jesus.  He loved growing tomatoes and we always had a hearty crop each spring. This year he thought he might try growing fall tomatoes because we live in a fairly warm climate. He purchased the 2 plants shortly before he died and comented that he didn’t think that the fall tomatoes were going to make.  I had been reading Ann’s book and thinking that this was something I also needed to do, when the dog begged to go outside.  I had forgotten about the plants. I didn’t even remember I had them and had not covered them recently when the temperature dropped below freezing one night.  There on the shriveled up vine hung a tomato in all it’s glory. Small and green but a tomato to be sure.  I cried, I praised my father and began my journey of 1,000 gifts.

By: Sherri Lloyd

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