A more precious bonding

A week before my husband died, five months ago, my son’s wife-the daughter of my heart- left him and their sons.  We have always been close, but during the past 5 months, my son and I have had almost daily interactions (by phone-I live 1800 miles away), praying, crying, and rejoicing with each other.  This time has brought my son and me a closer bond than we have ever had, and has individually strengthened us as followers of Jesus!  But it has come at a very high price; I would never have wished for Isaac’s wife to leave, or for my beloved husband to fall ill and die 5 months ago, today.  My precious Gretchen has returned home and they are restoring their marriage, with Christ as the head-and foundation- of their home!  I praise the Lord for this beautiful gift!

By: Peggy Burch

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