A Journal for a New Day / The Flower

A Journal for a New Day / The Flower – August 7, 2012


Yesterday on rugged shores, splashed crashing tears and flailing hope for the Tide. I walked with emptiness….

Why didn’t God speak?

Isn’t He supposed to?


In clouded vision I caught sight of One Lone Flower (a purple Heliotrope). My walk, short-lived. I was in and I was out, still empty hearted! Finished and done! Nothing until… this Morning.


The Flower!

It was dusty and tired, a little wilted, but still in bloom. Coincidence or the Voice of God? I was hoping and expecting to hear His voice, my answers right then, in the NOW! God knew I wouldn’t hear, let alone listen.

Until I….Silenced my heart

Until I…..Stopped my whining (owed to good friend).


Then God spoke in…..One Lone Flower.


Just to think I almost missed it in the dense dried-up scape of the summer drought; in the dense dried-up scape of my heart. It stood with its tired face, yet shinning with Royalty.

Its God-given Color….the Color Purple (the meaning of Royalty worn by Kings and Queens and Emperors).

It stands for passion, romance and sensitivity (so me).

It’s Rare in Nature (so me).

Some say, “Purple People” are easy to live with, but hard to know (so me).

They can be secretive, they confide freely, but their closest friends never completely understand them. (so me).

We “Purple People” that are attracted to Purple, have an aura of intrigue and mystery; preferred by Artists! (once again, so me).


Purple is a Spiritual color.

Purple is a Bridge between warm and cold.

Purple is a Nostalgic color.

Purple is is made from Red and Blue quite opposites, find themselves to be not of the common herd.


There are many other interpretations of the meaning of Purple you can read, about and I find it funny, how all of it is…..so me!


I guess we can be little silly about reading into the meanings of things, but they do carry a message to gain from. I couldn’t make sense of my arid emotions yesterday morning. Whining about this or that. Hopeless in the moment, “alone” in a dry, drought-like condition in my heart. God knew all the while I needed to Silence my heart, then and only then, would He speak.


So it took….a Purple, Lone Flower to splash its picture in my head to show me…He does speak!

You are Royalty, Paula!

You are a Queen!

A child of a King, the King of Kings! Here, I have a purpose…

You are The Flower that stands in the arid soil, ready for use, ready for a Priestly purpose.

Let the winds blow, I will water you with…..The Rain, the Rain that I have set before you. It will restore the Life, quench your Thirst and prosper though the ground is dry and thirsty. Both have purpose for His glory.


In a world of opposing contrasts, God blends colors to paint the Perfect Paintings. He took the colorless beginning of my canvas, splashed the Red and Blues to create the Royal Color…the Royal Name.


I don’t know why I share these things, maybe to encourage someone in need, whose heart is flailing upon the tearful tides or arid some ground. I know that David the King, did the same thing. He gave us the cryings of His heart, his victories over them and his Praise to the King of Kings. He who was lofty, was made low, showing us his humanness and God used him. Whatever the case, if you think you stand alone, you are not. Stand as the Flower….Royal in Color. God will provide….The Rain.


The Flower


Crackling leaves

Dust covered foliage

Faltering steps combined


So weary the mind, the heart, the soul

God, where are you?

You promised to be here!

I’m alone….

Where are you?

I weep, I cry, I ask…..

What am I to do?


Nothing but a dry, wilted Flower

The Color Purple

It too stands alone….



Done with walking!

Oh no…..

The Walk backtracked….

On the mind of a memory

Why the Flower?

Why the Color?

Why that one thing, I recall?


God whispers…..

I Am there….

I do speak…..

You are not alone.


Rich is the Flower

Rich is the Color

Of Royal, Stance

Priestly Pedigree


You are the Flower

Upon the parched ground

I bring the Rain

It will take care for you….

Renewing strength


One Lone Flower….

It bends, it wilts, it….Remains

Another day to blossom

Another day to give


Remember what I said….

Be Still….

And Know that I Am God.

In a dry and thirsting land….

I bring forth…Rivers to water the earth.


Many are the uses of The Flower

In the Woods…..where God Speaks

In the City….where God Sings and Moves

In the Streets….where God Feeds

In the Home….where God Honors

In the Rain….where God Provides


You are….

The Flower


Paula Jacobson August 7, 2012




By: Paula Jacobson

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