A Gratefully Blessed Husband

When my wife years went home almost 30 years to the day that I made my choice of a wife known to her, she left me blessed with God’s choice for my continued wedded life.

In her hospital bed in July she prayed for a blessing … a helpmate for me and God answered her distinctly with a name of a friend. When everyone else had abandoned us to our disease, she was already there.

In her bed in August my late wife let me know of her prayer and His answer. 24 hours later, she re-introduced her answer to prayer, friends for years but seeing each other through different eyes. We three spent the ensuing three months sharing our lives and preparing for the transition. Our prayers of surrender … seeking His will were answered. Time after time after time, His awesome and Loving hands were revealed to us through His grace, peace and Mercy.

Today we celebrate our third Valentine’s Day together…our second as husband and wife. I am so blessed by His gift to me… and I am blessed to be a blessing to His child who needed to be blessed by the gifts He blessed me with. We are imperfect people seeking to Love perfectly.


By: Bill Schnippert

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