A gift given in death

How do you recieve a gift in death? With the passing of my mother-in-law this past week I had received a gift. With a mournful heart it was difficult to see that God had something for me. I was able to see that my mother-in-law had recieved a new body free of cancer, the gift of words ‘well done good and faithful servant’, and eternal life in the presence of her Maker as her gifts; and I had also received something very beautiful. My mother-in-law’s best friend had shared with my husband, that while at work my mother-in-law had shared conversations of testimonies of encouragement and talks of witnessing that I had with her.
God wanted to let me know that she heard and my efforts planted seeds, and He
decided to let me know. What an amazing gift at such a time when you really don’t feel like receiving anything.

P.S. Just caught wind of this book. Looking forward to ordering it.
Tina Pirozzoli
By: tina

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