A few of the gifts

Today–I was incredibly thankful for clear, clean water coming out of our new well after several days of flushing out silt.  Thankful, too, for God’s grace to my angry 13 year-old, who spent the first nine years of his life defending himself from abuse and heartache before he joined our family and came face to face with acceptance and love. Even when I am tied up in knots and hurting from his anger, I am seeing that it is really his fear of rejection; anger is the barrier he erects to protect himself.  But God is the One I can ask and trust to restore the things in my son’s spirit that “the locust has destroyed”.  Praise God!! I’m thankful for Skinny Cow chocolate truffle barsSmile, spring birds stopping at our feeder on their way south,  the many shades and textures of green in our garden, lunchtime nourishment and encouragement with a dear friend, heavy rain to water the earth, and rhododendrons putting on their spring colors. 

By: Betty Hanselman

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