A beginning…

When I picked up Ann Voskamps book, “One thousand gifts”, nothing prepared me for what I would read, or the way my soul would resonate at so many levels with the profound and poetic description of living the simple abundance of a life that notices, gives thanks, enters into grace and love and acceptance of all that comes from the Father’s hand, good and challenging.

And so I have begun, my own list… as I’m sure is the case with many many others whom Ann has inspired. I’m on day 4, finding a (re)new(ed) peace in living looking and seeing and naming the fullness of the glory of God expressed in so many ways all around me. You may visit my blog Buddy Breathing if you wish… but here are some selections for today;


51. sun pulling steam from wet tarmac

52. moving through the landscape… by foot, by bike, by car

65. soft rain deep soaking mountains heavy in trees

66. two guitars leaning against music room wall

67. silence


My thanks and appreciation to an author whom I would wish to sit and have tea with some day, just to feel the joy of being in the presence of a gracious and kindred spirit. Thank you Ann. Thank you.

Lesley-Anne Evans

By: Lesley-Anne Evans

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