398 days

Thirteen months and three days……….that was how long we had from this date six years ago.  Cancer.  Death valley.  Time of walking blind.  Pain. Treatments. Side effects.  Friends and family coming to say good-bye. Grief. Tears. Questions.  Fight to live fully.  Thankful for each moment.  Last heart beat, last breath.  Flag draped coffin.  Taps.  An empty place at the table, an empty pillow.

These are the ugly beautiful things that consumed our 398 days.

Today, I give thanks for a life lived well, for a home in glory prepared before the foundation of the world, for the privilege of sharing life with this incredible human being who loved the Lord more than anyone or anything.

I thank God that I too will join the ranks of those who have gone ahead and that each day I move up in line getting ever closer to entering in and hearing “welcome home child”.

Grief is work.  Hard work.  Thank you Father for the work that draws us closer to YOU!  For this ugly beautiful time that you understand because you watched your Son die, go to hell and take back what we gave away….paradise and personal fellowship with the Creator of the universe.

970. life

971. love

972. hope

973. grief

974. walking with the Savior

975. mansions in glory

976. promise of eternity

By: Yvonne

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