3 legged race

Today’s gift was running a three legged race with “K,” my angel on earth.  We were attending the Relay for Life event in honor/memory of her “Toy.”  A grandfather gone home too soon……….or so we think.

We tied legs together, took some practice steps and at the horn sounding, galloped our way around the track like a race horse……..poetry in motion……..me a grandmother of nearly 60 and child of 9.  We worked together, arms holding each other to feel the stride, legs moving in unison toward the finish line, lungs heaving breathe and hearts pumping life.  We stopped only when our tether broke and legs no longer moved together……..falling behind…………..rhythm gone.

Our spiritual race cannot be run without others and without a firm hold to belief in what we cannot see!  Why do we fear chaining ourselves to others for help?  The feeling of that race joined in unity and purpose was exhilerating and powerful and I knew we were accomplishing what we set out to do!!  What a beautiful lesson amidst the tears of loss, sorrow, and sacrifice.  The cause of Christ calls for this! 

Laughter and tears

Beauty in Survivors scarred

Memories and new moments

Message of love sent in sky lanterns

Beautiful feet walking the walk 



Lessons in unlikely places

Snow cones and popcorn

Birthday cake

Another birthday given

This place to log gifts of grace and share heart and be encouraged……that we are not alone in this life.  Join your leg to anothers and you too will run the race He has planned for you!  Godspeed!

By: Yvonne

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