1000 Gifts!

Today is the day!  The day after a day of really ugly beautiful emotions.  A day of tears, sorrow, pleading, and surrender.  I can do nothing save cling to the Savior and wait on His perfect timing.  So, as I count down to my first 1000 gifts, I did what I could not do just a few months ago, GIVE THANKS for the heart ripping from chest, tears flowing like a river, breath caught in chest, stomach in knots, and falling on face before throne of immeasurable grace.

993. Ann Voskamp and heaven sent book that has changed my life

994.  Family in turmoil

995.  Sign that read “Delay is not denial.  Keep Praying”

996.  Friends

997. His Word and Jesus Calling

998.  Memories sweet of answered prayers that encourage and build a bridge

999. Prayer journal

1000.  Taking the dare and counting to 1000!!!!

1001.  Decision to continue on and accept my ugly beautiful gifts, my gifts of imperfection, and to live fully right where I am by God’s grace.

By: Yvonne

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