1,000 Gifts

345. Spring thunderstorms

354. The delightful laughs and squeals of children spotting and attempting to catch a bull frog!

365. Wild honeysuckles 418. bing cherries, too delightful to complain about the pit.

457. Driving home with the air conditioning OFF and all the windows DOWN!

477. An hour long brisk walk over crispy fallen leaves under a perfectly hung HUGE harvest moon while singing quietly to amazing worship in my ear buds, “Can I have more of You?” to the One who hung it!

526. 3 stray possums, sitting inside the feed dish, enjoying leftover cat food on Mamaw’s porch. God provides for even them.

532. The gift of having a mother’s heart even before life ever fills my womb.

537. Night gowns long, soft, crumpled, faded from years of washings-the perfect invitation for cozy sweet sleep.

544. A morning, sleepy hug from little “Free One”, wearing PJs, stale “make-up” and a scarce innocence. A heart screaming in a whisper…”It’s too early for my walls to be up.”

559. Mamaw’s toothless grin

573. Dancing with 4 year old Lily

579. The comforting sound of the train in the pre-sunrise background of my quiet time with Jesus.

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By: Candace

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