100 difficult prayers

At our yearly women’s retreat this year, I challenged the ladies to be thankful – so inspired by One Thousand Gifts and the chnage that is working in my own life.  If they wanted to, they wrote on a l ittle card the most difficult thing for which they needed to give a sacrifice of thanks.  They put the cards in a basket as an outward symbol of their commitment.  I took them home promising to pray for each one.

Such a hard task!  It is hard to formulate my requests.  But my love for the women and compassion for the deeply difficult things they are going through is growing.  I can feel the blessings starting to flow, and I bow in worship to our great God Who so wisely assures us that thanksgiving is the door to fulness of joy.


God bless you!

Mary O’Connor

P.S. all of the women on the planning team gave door prizes – ine was a copy of One Tousand Gifts with a Starbucks gift card!

By: Mary O’Connor

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