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  • Kat Cavanaugh LaMantia

    This is a lovely and jarring little book that smells of lentil soup and incense. It will give you an egg tooth to break the shell of ingratitude that often surrounds us. It is a thankful-heart read, a bird nest worth climbing out on a limb to view, a word fitly spoken. Read a blessing.

  • Jill Kelly

    just to be able to say this simple full word…is a gift to be thankful for

  • Tracy Bradford

    Well, we a little late out of the starting gate, but our book club is loving this book none-the-less.  We just discussed chapter 6 last night.  We also realized that several of us were having a hard time actually WRITING DOWN the things we are thankful for.  We notice that the habit of our minds is changing to turn to gratitude more and more.  But we are still not writing as much as we’d like to be.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  Are we the only ones?  Well, we decided to start a digital accountability group.  Each day, we are going to send an email to the rest of the group listing at least two things from daily life that we are grateful to God for.  It starts tomorrow, and I’m hoping this will be a useful tool for getting our gratitude on paper.  
    We love the book and are lives are changing because of it.  Ann, you are such a gifted writer!  It’s not just the deep, penetrating ideas that you discuss, but the disarming frankness that is articulated in such poetry.  A true treasure!

  • Becky

    I love this book. It has changed my life. Thank you, Ann!

  • Elin Borg Criswell

    Just wanted to say how extremely thankful I am for you and your book, One Thousand Gifts.  A thousand thank you’s!  My life is in the process of being changed.

  • Susan Marie

    Dear Ann,

    I’m so thankful to God for your book.  Just beginning…up to #107. :) Praying for a changed heart….a release of my own ‘worry identity’ to Eucharisteo.
    God is good always!

  • Fmgjag

    Hi Ann,  I began your book about three weeks ago. I am only on chapter 4.  I have a need to re read each chapter several times before I move on to the next.  The reason is because of the way you write.  Poetic, real, raw; like my heart.  I have read many books as I live out this journey with God, but not until now have I felt that I was reading my own heart on the page.  For years I have struggled with the depth of expression I long for when engaging in friendships.  I have always felt mocked for being me.  So, I became someone else.  But every moment I felt like I was living with 
    a terminal illness, life seeping from me slowly killing the authentic woman within me.  Though we live different lives, in different countries, I hear my heart in your words.  Thank you for daring to live life fully immersed in your gift.  I am daring to do the same.  With great respect for you, and with awe of our God, I thank you.
    May you be blessed in all that you do.


  • Acacia

    Wonderful.   I’m absolutely loving this. 

  • Katherine

    Darn, I would love to leave my blog here too. I welcome your visits to my blog
    God Bless and smile often

    • Katherine

      oops looks like I can, giggle

  • Amy Lloyd

    I was given the name Amy Carol Duvall. Meaning: Beloved Song of the Valley. After growing up in a fundamental Baptist preachers family I married, as I was taught I was supposed to. I say fortunately now…I married an abusive and controlling man I reached a point where I cried out to God that I wanted love, joy, peace – more than I wanted anything! Even if that meant that I let go of having a God! God took me to the words of Jesus in Matthew 5-7 and my life was changed forever! That was over 20 years ago, and I have lived looking for His wonderful gifts. Thanks in every circumstance! Four years ago I began an inspirational newsletter called, Songs from the Valley - the way of Christ is not a way of no struggle, or becoming a perfect person in this life, it is a way of thankfulness and finding all of the beauty which God has so extravantly poured out on us – right in the middle of our circumstances! and the best thing is – it is always a choice away! 

  • Thelma

    In the midst of pleading with
    God for joy, God brought me the verse, “In (my) presence is fulness of
    joy.” In the midst of crying out to God how to live daily, constantly,
    fully in his presence, God brought me the book, “One Thousand Gifts” by
    Ann Voskamp. What more need I say?

  • Patty Hinojos

    Hello fellow readers.  First, I would like to say “thank you” to Ann for first accepting the dare, and then for putting the journey down on paper.  Things have been rough for me and my husband since the last Monday in April (a thing our family is going through – not a relationship thing, thank the Lord), and I recently finished this book.  It grabbed me right by the heart thinking that since God is a good Father, He can only give good gifts, because before reading this book (and even sometimes since) I’ve been hard-pressed to call what we’ve been through anything close to good.  BUT there is absolutely no doubt that God has been right here with us this entire time and has had his hand of protection over our small family of 5.  I have marked up this book from cover to cover, have started my own list (I’m in the 300s), and am planning on keeping the book handy so that I can reread it as a reminder to keep a grateful heart especially in the midst of pain and heartache and as a reminder to think of God bigger than I do.

    Thanks again for sharing your heart with us, Ann.  Looks like I’m not the only one who has benefited richly!!!

  • Jane Hixson

    One of our Bible study books will be finishing the book study of One Thousand Gifts and have been journaling.  Cannot begin to tell you how much this book and its message has come to mean to me and so many others.  Thank you Ann for sharing your heart.  We feel like we know you.  Your descriptiveness makes us feel we are in your kitchen talking like old friends.  We  are all so blessed and take so much for granted.  But this study has changed our mindset.  It is still a journey – so glad we are on it together.  Jane

  • Jkapitany

    Just started last week reading your book. I am in total awe, of how the Lord is using your beautiful ,poetic, full of grace,  and love  book , to show us  how wonderful  he is and the precious gifts we take for granted. You are a beautiful woman who is doing Gods’ work of showing us how blessed we are with ,right where we are.You are an angel!Thankyou Father for Ann.

  • Vicki

    Thank You Lord for my dear sister who gave me a copy of One Thousand Gifts because it so blessed her life.  As I read it I knew I was on holy ground – my heart was challenged, convicted and encouraged through each chapter. ( I wore out a brand new highlighter in the meantime! :) )  I’ve realized how easily my heart, mind and eyes are overwhelmed by the difficult, painful, ugly things that are always before me in the news, my life and others.  I’m starting my journey today – notebook in hand – eyes wide open for traces of His grace, gifts, and love for me throughout each day!  

    Thank you Ann for being so transparent – sharing your heart – the raw and beautiful woven together in a beautiful tapestry that reflects His glory!

  • maryannhoth

    Mary Ann