Gifts for You

A Gratitude Calendar for February….

10 Points of Joyful Parenting {Printable}

A 100 Day Calendar {Printable for Fresh Starts}

A Bible Memorization Booklet: Colossians in a Year {Printable}

A Blogger’s Prayer {Printable}

A Free Advent Jesse Tree Book {Printable}

A Set of Word Strengtheners {Printable}

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  • Sarahmfry1977

    where are the recipes mentioned in the back of the book?

  • Joanne

    I would also like to see the recipes that are mentioned in the back of the book as being on this blog.

  • Mindy

    These are wonderful. I’ve been keeping track of my gifts using your Feb. gratitude calendar. Are you planning on making a calendar to write down your gifts for each month. If you get a free moment, I would love that.
    Ann, Thank you for inspiring me to live my best life!

  • Isabel

    Just finished reading ‘one thousand gifts’, thanking God so much for using you to bless me so greatly! Life-changing! Thank you!

  • Sherrie Hilligoss

    I love loving Jesus with you, Ann, full of grace….thank you for the gift of you, transparent and humble, showing through your words, your life, how… all is grace. Blessed beyond measure…my heart dance at the foot of the cross.

  • Lorrainey2004

    I blogged a link to your advent book here
    thank you so much. I am looking forward to using it.

  • Mcsnyder1012

    I just finished “One Thousand Gifts.”  I think I will have to read it again.  I started my list today, June 13.  Thanks to Ann’s help in her book I am looking at my world more closely and seeing it in a new light – the light from God.

  • cko

    I would love to make chocolate melt bars to take to my next “One Thousand Gifts” book club.  Does anyone have this recipe?  Thank you!  I’m thankful for chocolate!  What a gift!

    • HM

      I would like to have the recipe also. Did you find it?

      • gale

        Yes, does anyone have the recipe?

  • Ellie

    i am wondering if the figuring life out trailer words are in the book? anyone have insight on this? thanks!

  • Kelly

    I am trying to add the banner to my blog and it won’t work….anyone else having problems with this or am I doing something wrong? Love the book and the challenge. Thanks Ann!!!

  • Shoemaker4him

    I finished the book just now, 9 months after I started. A birthing into eucharisteo . . . Taken into slowly because the richness of the words had to be savored. I am on #3313 and counting. My eucharisteo journal has become a permanent part of my life and has drawn me into union with God. Thank you Ann with all my heart.

  • Deballen79

    I didn’t get the January Gratitude Calendar printed off and it is December 15, 2011. Is there any way i can still get that. I am making some Gratitude Calendar booklets for our kids and would like to have the January printed before Christmas.  Can you help me?

  • MJBR

    Where do I get the list for January??? I am new to your website. Someone gave  me the book..wonderful, inspiring..thank you!!

  • Lydia

    Ann-  Wondering if you are going to do a February Joy Dare like you did for January.. I have been reading your blog daily for I think 2 years now, and have read the book 4 times. led it as a study and did the book club w/ you on Vimeo!  I have been keeping a gratitude journal since September 2010.. can’t remember what number I am on.  The practice of this gratitude and counting the ways He loves me has changed me.  I have been asked to speak at my church in February (5th) on how this practice has changed me and I wanted to end with challenging the congregation with the Joy Dare.  It is a simple way to get started. and I would love to pass out a copy of it to everyone that morning.  I will look back over this to see if you commented back.  Many blessings to you and your family.  You are in my gratitude journal many times… Grateful for how He has gifted you to write.

  • kendra

    Is it possible to get a link to the printable 7 gifts ~ good and precious?  I can’t seem to find it on website, would like get copy if still available.  thank you

  • Heather

    seeing the joy my daughter gets when she’s playing with her babies!

  • Beckyffoster

    can i get a copy of the Joy Dares for each month, or are they just in the book. I am going to buy the book but wanted to have February’s joy dares for next week

  • Beckyffoster

    can i get a copy of the Joy Dares for each month, or are they just in the book. I am going to buy the book but wanted to have February’s joy dares for next week

  • mom of many and more

    I am searching for he CD Ann mentions in her book “Euchristo” she found it in Paris. does any one know the full name of it

  • S Fuselier

    Love, Love, Love these. 

  • Cdbrinkman

    Where is the Joy Dare Calendar for February?  Am I overlooking it somehow?  Love everything about how the Lord uses you & your beautiful words!!!!!

  • Linda Dalferes

    I am looking for the monthly “Joy Dare” calendar w/ideas for each day to record but cannot find it. Can you help me please?

  • Jeasmus

    Do you have a March calendar I can print? :o )

  • Wendy

    we need a calendar for march.  and then april :)

    • Karla

      Yes, I was confused by March’s Joy Dare?  It is small and there are 2 on  the page?  Not like the ones for Jan and Feb.  I have put the “Dare” pages together with the “year of grace” calendar.  So the small March “dare” doesn’t really fit.  

  • Kelly

    I just started my list yesterday. A friend sent me a copy of Ann’s book and it immediately riveted me. I am in the midst of tremendously difficult circumstances but am believing that ‘thanksgiving always precedes the miracle”. Kelly

  • katie

    in that photo of the gift sign it also had a one way sign pointing to it and “only” signs pointing to both signs

  • Bookrdr

    Just finished book!  Wow!  I am 64 and was delighted to feel afresh the winds of God’s grace.  thank you Ann.

  • Dawnup88

    I am confused.  The format of the Joy Dare for January and February looked similar.  Could you please point me toward the correct link to the March joy dare? Are these already posted somewhere for the entire year??  Thank you so much

  • Joanne L. Silva

    Dear Ann,  This is Joanne from Hilo, Hawaii.  I continue to enjoy your reflections everyday, as well as your book.  They draw me closer to home, the place where my heart longs to be, heaven.  I am looking for 7 gifts {good & perfect}.  I have been practicing eucharisteo but need a few more weeks for it to become a habit.  Can you tell me where I could find the printable? 

  • Margaret

    It has been almost four years since we walked into the fire of grief.   Ann’s book has helped me see that there is still joy to be had, and in abundance, in the everyday things.  I have always thanked God for the simple things, but Ann has helped me understand why.  Now, I will begin my own mindful list, and will hold to the hope that I will find myself re-grounded in God.

  • Charlyn Dickerson Witcher

    I found the links for The Joy Dare for January through March, but have not been able to find one for April.  I printed these and gave them to our pastor’s wife and a dear friend of mine.  She is using them to help her wade through the rubble of a deep valley of depression.  Please, can anyone tell me where the link is for the April Joy Dare?

    • Whispercare

      I have been looking too. Wish I could get the January and February since I started in March. could you post the links for Jan. and Feb? Please?

  • Scampbell

    I can’t seem to find the”April” calendar that suggests all of the things to be thankful for?  I usually find it at the end of The Holy experience blog… can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thanks! Sheree

  • Marilyn_pfeifer

    I saw in a picture devotional book of One Thousand Gifts a Mobius type bracklet that said Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle. Want to have one. Where can I buy that bracelet?
    email me if you know please…

  • Loni

    I am blessed to care for my 4 year old autistic grandson.  Mom is going to Nursing school and Dad works long hours.  Thanks to GOD for this privilege..

    • Karen

       May God richly bless you for your attitude and willingness to help out family.  May He bless your relationship with your grandson.  May He give you His eyes, to continue to see with beauty and love, where others may not understand.  God HAS richly blessed you, and He has blessed me today through the reading of your comment!

  • Nciona

    A good friend presented me with you book “one thousand gifts”, now I am making my own lists. Thank you so much for writing this book. I am now climbing out of darkness.

  • Mjsealy

    Really challenged by your words in both your book and your blog.  Have subscribed via email for the updates… and hoping to see the Jesse Tree devotional link as everywhere on your site it keeps mentioning I will get it in my email updates.  Any way I can access that?  Would love to share it at an all-church getting ready for Christmas event in Nov – yep, planning that far ahead already.  Thanks so much.

  • Amanda Dunn

    Learning from this beautiful book that “thanksgiving precedes the miracle”.

  • dmay

    I downloaded the app and tried to start my list but there’s no button to post. Only a camera button. Does anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

  • Jennifer Lucas

    Just started reading this life changing book and my 1000/unending gift list – here is #1 – the smell of lilacs in bloom when a gentle breeze blows  - the fragrance of Christ!!!

  • Bela

    Thank you for this gift. Still waiting on my miracle. I will continue thanking God for infertility for it has cemented my relationship with my husband and drawn us closer:)

  • Dawn Whitaker

    The bracelet pictured today….the I love it….I want one! Are these available? Please say yes!

  • aggie stretch

    Hi Ann: Are you available as a speaker for a women’s retreat in October 2013? Is this something you do or no? Looking forward to your reply….Aggie

  • Alice

    Any chance you might make your photography available as wallpaper? I’ve been particularly looking for an iPad app that allows me to enter verses from my times with Him in His Word (as reminder and for memory) with an inspirational background.

  • Bridget

    I saw a hardcover version of your book translated into Korean. Do you have any paperbacks or devotionals in Korean?


    I would like to purchase one of the silver eucharisteo bracelets like Ann wears in her “One Thousands Gifts” video. Where could i get one of these?

    • Jessica

      It’s a Lisa Leonard silver cuff bracelet. You can get them customized to say anything.

  • rediscern

    Is there a daily devotion that is available via email?

  • Kathleen Churchill

    I downloaded the 1000 Gifts app to my IPad. I started making a list….20 on one page. This does not number them. Should I be opening the NEW GIFT link separately for every gift? Seems that way there is a number for each one?

  • Pam

    I would like to purchase one of the silver eucharisteo bracelets like Ann wears in her “One Thousands Gifts” video. Where could i get one of these?

    • Nessa in N.Idaho

      It’s a Lisa Leonard silver cuff bracelet. You can get them customized to say anything. Jessica posted this 12 days ago. :)

      • Debra

        This is my first visit to this site and would love to have one, too. I don’t know who Jessica is, and these replies go from this one, posted 11 days ago to the next one down being 3 years ago. Not sure how a newbie would find this information (just pointing out that not everyone knows everyone or what is going on here yet).

  • Kim

    The back of the book mentions a free app for Android is now available, but doesn’t say where to get it, and I can’t find it here. Is that really available?

  • Emily

    I dont see an email address to email Ann

  • Isolated in Idaho

    I would love to NOT SEE ads on this page or any of this website for other things on the web such as, “9 Huge Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Small” from Celeb Zen or “13 Celebrities with Awesome and REAL Bodies” from POPnHOP. I’m grateful for self control to choose not to look at these things and focus on exteriors instead of on the heart!

  • Rhonda Balint

    A few months back I printed a ‘friendship gift’. I was wanting another one but can’t seem to find it. Can you please help? It was little cards that tucked into a little folded pouch/envelope.