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“How,” bestselling author Ann Voskamp wondered, “do we find joy in the midst of deadlines, debt, drama, and daily duties?” When your days are filled with the mundane, disappointment, or even darkness, how can you break the bondage of self-hatred and fear that has white-knuckle control on your life and instead embrace the everyday blessings that will immerse you in Christ’s fullness? How can you live your life with a heart overflowing with delight?

In this five-session, video-based study, Ann encourages participants to take on the life-changing discipline of journaling God’s gifts—to really look at life and find the good in it. It’s only in this expressing of gratitude for the life we already have, that we discover the life we’ve always wanted … a life we can take, give thanks for, and break for others. And only then can we come to feel and know the impossible right down in our bones: we are wildly loved—by God.

Embark on this personal, honest and fresh exploration of what it means to be deeply fulfilled, wholly happy, and finally fully alive.

The study guide includes video notes, discussion questions and Bible Study, between session activation, and journaling space that will all help you to further explore the topics discussed in the One Thousand Gifts DVD.

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  • Lisa Auter

    I am leading this DVD study in my church next April, but I took it with me this weekend to study on my own while I had very difficult life-choices to make. The entire weekend became centered around living my life centered around Eucharisteo – and the hard one at that – and I am trusting God to carry me home with all that I have learned. This DVD study is stunning in its rich, pictorial beauty and jaw-dropping-inspiring in its poetic, spiritual wisdom. I am so grateful to own this study so I can not only share it with and lead others, but also so I can return to it again and again.

  • Donna

    Starting in January. Looking forward to the group of women in our church discovering joy in giving thanks!

  • Danielle

    Does everyone in the group need a book as well as a the study guide to participate in the DVD group study?

    • Laura

      You do not need to read the book along with the study guide. I have 2 womens groups doing the Bible Study right now. We encourage them to buy the book to read after the class if they want to continue to be challenged.

  • Casey Shoemake

    I would like to start a Facebook group to share and discuss our 1000 gifts each day. Would you be opposed to that?

  • dawn

    Starting this study with a small group of women in our church. I just finished reading the entire book and I just can’t begin to fathom what I know God has in store for us in this study! Thank you for enlightening me to Eucharisteo!!

  • Paula

    We just started the study at our Ladies Bible Study.
    I love the study and the deep thoughts that go with it.

  • Tina Preston

    Can my online study group use this program without the DVD since we are all in different parts of the country? If so which products should I purchase (as the leader) and which products should each participant purchase? If not, how do you think we should go a study using the book One Thousand Gifts??

  • CAP

    Should everyone watching the video need to have the study guide or does there just need to be a leader that has the study guide?

  • tb


  • krystina_lollipops

    what i love about this session (besides all the wonderful inspiration) is that Ann’s home isn’t staged looking. most things are tattered and worn, loved as it were. and it just gives the whole video a more real feeling.

    thank you Ann for all your amazing insights, joy beyond hurt. i read your book a few years ago and it changed my life. looking forward to enjoying the rest of this study.

  • Melissa

    Our church just started this study. I am loving it so much I started doing it at home with my 10 year old daughter. Thank you Ann for sharing your pain and helping others live life with open hands and hearts.

  • Ang McLaughlin

    Is there a super fast way to get this study right away? I have a mom’s group online and we would like to start it for November. Anyone have any suggestions? I see we can get the Study Guide for Kindle, but am wondering about the video, if there is a download available or something?

  • Michelle

    We are thinking about doing this video series at a Women’s retreat (Friday evening to Saturday afternoon). Any ideas or recommendations? I’ve watched three of the videos so far and they are amazing, thought provoking, drawing me in to the presence of God.

  • Becca Dycus

    Wanting to do this as a Summer Study at our Church. I am wanting to know how long the sessions are? We meet from 9:30-11:30, and would need to do it during that time line. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    • Ruth Senter Nail

      We did a ladies bible study using this book and DVD. We met from 9:30 – 11:30 each week and it took us 11 weeks. I followed the Study Guide but broke up each lesson into 2. Our ladies always shared a lot so I didn’t want to rush it. Plus we added prayer time and snack time. It worked out perfectly and didn’t feel rushed.

  • Ann Thompson

    How long do the videos last?